Astronomical Essays by Nathan B. Miron, Ph.D.

Star Spangled Banter is written by an amateur astronomer whose love of the heavens began more than seven decades ago.

An article appeared on the front page of The Houston Press around July, 1936, describing Peltier's comet, allegedly visible at that time, near the constellation of Cassiopeia. The article was brought to the author's attention by his father. Together, they searched the North Circumpolar skies, following the map printed in the newspaper. They had no conception of just how dim the comet would be, nor that the nearby street lights would drown all dim sky objects. As a result, they did find Cassiopeia, but no comet. However, even on brightly lit North Main Street, they found more than just a comet; they found a lifelong interest in astronomy.

More than seventy years later, Star Spangled Banter attempts to share that love with an eager public, and to use non-technical language as the medium for communication.

Since 1997, these articles have appeared regularly in The Kenwood Press, a local newspaper published in Kenwood, California.

Nathan B. Miron
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